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Hydraulic Mechanics Lab Equipments

The set up of Hydraulic Mechnics Lab Equipment is made to verify different theorems experimentally. It is included with one piece clear acrylic test section with supply tank, measuring tank, convergent as well as divergent part section,  inlet water tank and pump for non-opening loop water circulation. The test section of the range is connected to different tubes via pressure tapping at assorted locations on the section. The flow rate of this can be measured by employing measuring tank as well as stop watch supplied. The range insures correct outputs with controlled procedures. The Hydraulic Mechnics Lab Equipment has stand alone setup, wetted parts, simple operation and elementary maintainer.
Hydraulic Tilting Flume
Hydraulic Tilting Flume

Hydraulic Tilting Flume

Hydraulic Tilting Flume

The hydraulic flume should be of size 150mm depth x 250mm wide x 4 meter length built with extra strong 75mm x 50mm. Thickness 4mm through. MS channel b for strength and rigidity. Both vertical sides provided with transparent thick 6mm Perspex for flow visualization at least for 4 meter length. The 16 gauge M.S. Sheet nearly fixed to MS angle frame with rubber packing. The upstream and downstream sections provided with two numbers of fine gates with rack (GM) pinion arrangement for accurate and smooth operation to facilitate the varying the discharge and head water. The sides provided with inverted Tee section (MS) for smooth running of movable hook gauge trolley. The tilting arrangement provided with a fine arrangement which can be operated very smoothly. The slope of the flume ranges up to +5 degree. The tilting arrangement operated by both forward and backward slope settings. For hydraulic different types of experiments the accessories should be incorporated like

  • Water tank capacity of size 200 Ltr.
  • Discharge measurement tank of size 50 Ltr.
  • Mono block Centrifugal Pump 2 HP, 3 Phases  (Kirlosker Make)
  • Hook gauge 30cm length fitted on a trolley & arrangement for transverse and longitudinal movement should be supplied. Pipe line to carry water to flume and foot valve at suction end provided.
  • Centrifugal pump set for supplying water to the flume provided with epoxy painted inside to prevent rust hence increase the life of tank for total rust protection.

Experiment Consisting of:-

  • To determine Co-efficient of roughness n for a given flume.
  • To calibrate a broad-crested weir and study the pressure distribution at the upstream end of the weir.
  • To study characteristics of Hydraulic Jump.
  • To calibrate a vertical fall and to study the effect of cistern length on the energy dissipation.

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