Hydraulic Mechanics Lab Equipments
The Hydraulic Mechanics Lab Equipment is designed and fabricated to demonstrate the Bernoulli's theorem. It is rendered with a test section that is made of acrylic. Also, it comes with a convergent as well as divergent sections.
Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments
Offered Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments are employed for the measurement of pressure as well as temperature. Also, these make apparent forces in the rotating reference system and have several areas of application. These can also determine the critical reynolds number and can demonstrate the flow processes on assorted structures in open as well as closed channel flows.
Heat Transfer Lab Equipment
Heat Transfer Lab Equipment provides fundamental as well as industrial knowledge about the modes of heat transfer, such as radiation, conduction, convection their utilization. The setup is specifically made to examine the heat transfer in a pin fin. Also, it is included with cylindrical fin outfitted to the base in  a rectangular duct.
Measurement & Instrumentation Lab Equipments
Provided Measurement & Instrumentation Lab Equipment is a range that is combined with both hardware as well as software facilities. It has been equipped with oscilloscopes, various trainer kit, CRO, and earth tester such as loading inductor, signal generators, digital multimeter capacitor etc.
Thermodynamics Lab Equipments
The main function of Thermodynamics Labdynamics Lab Equipment is to compute the input of an air compression. This apparatus shows the behavior and expansion processes of a perfect gas, and enables the user to interpret the relationship between pressure volume as well as temperature.
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab Equipments
Supplied Refrigeration Air Conditioning Lab Equipments are employed for air conditioning data by utilizing its wet as well as dry bulb thermometers. The range is instrumental in determining the pressure level with water as manometer fluid. Proffered with ergonomic design, the range is simple to install and is convenient to maintain. The energy efficient mechanism of the supplied range has product with various configurations.
Structure Lab Equipments
The Structure Lab Equipment is rendered with a cross section as well as graduations at all lengths. It is corroborated on double edge supports and can be verified via direct measurements of the deflections on different points. The apparatus is provisioned with a supporting base as well as a set of weights.
Applied Mechanics Lab Equipment
The range can ascertain the work completed by a vertical variable effort and analyzes it with the work done in elevating a load. The free-standing structure as well as bench-top units of this range has been included with a suspension cord carrying a loaded self-propelled vehicle at its mid-span. The volume unit of Applied Mechanics Lab Equipment is clinched at one end, and tensioning effort is applied vertically at the other end.
Thermal Engineering Lab Equipment
Energy efficiency made by  Thermal Engineering Lab Equipment is really considerable. Not just it proffers a significant sum of energy, but also save the upkeep expenditures. It also insures additional modification in energy consumption.
Automobile Cut Section Models
Automobile Cut Section Models are constructed with precision and can be demonstrated in all working conditions. These are rendered with clutch as well as gearbox assemblies, the casing of which can appropriately execute the cutting task so as to exhibit its operation.
Thermodynamics Lab Equipment
Thermodynamics Lab Equipment is used to illustrate relation between temperature and pressure of specific volume of gas. This array of laboratory apparatus is suitable for conducting procedures like heat transfer, convection and heat exchanging. 

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